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About Holder's Jewelers

In the true American spirit, Bill Holder Sr. established Holders Jewelers in 1947. Being a victim of polio, Bill Sr. qualified for the GI Bill, and attended Hardin College. In 1945 he enrolled in Horology school and became a watchmaker.

Becoming a small businessman, Bill Sr. bought Perrin Brothers jewelry store in 1947 located in Archer City Texas. There he and his wife Emma lived behind the store in a 12’x18’ room. They raised their family there and Bill Jr. literally grew up working in the store.

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Over the span of 33 years, Bill Jr. through meticulous attention and management of inventory, has created and maintained the value priced selection known as Holders Jewelers. Today the store is located in Parker Square Shopping center. The Holder family has sold jewelry for 63 years to 4 generations of customers.